Coccyx Cushion 3-in-1 (Ultimate Bundle)

Coccyx Cushion 3-in-1 (Ultimate Bundle)

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DOCTOR APPROVED – Our ultra comfortable cushion helps relieve fatigue, numbness, soreness, poor posture, pressure on the tailbone and spine caused by sitting for long stretches of time. Reduce Back pain, Sciatica, Pressure ulcers, Tailbone injury & many more common back problems!

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL – Perfect for all your seating needs: office, car, wheelchairs, planes, trains, home, patio, bus, outdoors, bleachers, theatres, while playing video games, etc.

3 COVERS – This bundle includes 3 Premium Color Covers: Blue, Black and Grey.

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Finally! Immediate Relief Relaxation,just what I needed for my Tush! -Real Customer

Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting for long?
Do you constantly find yourself going back n forth, rocking n readjusting to find even a drop of comfort while sitting in your chair?
Have you purchased memory foam cushions thinking that you finally found a solution, only to find yourself sitting on a flat cushion after a few minutes?

Well, Guess what? GREAT news for you!
In fact,NEVER worry about your seat cushion flattening out. This comfort tush cushion is made from premium grade high-density rebound foam, specially designed to maintain firmness n shape,while delivering long lasting relief.

Sitting doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt -Ideal for anyone w/ damage or injury to the tailbone area
-If pregnant or have recently given birth, you will fall in love n become best of friends w/ your New Cushion!
-High-density Rebound foam is very strong yet soft enough to offer real comfort n relief
-Ergonomically shaped to gently tilt your pelvis forward, improve your natural sitting posture n encouraging proper alignment of the spine

Very Safe, Portable, Practical
-Made in USA w/ approved fire retardant materials, no unpleasant odor like most cushions
-Beautiful Velour Fabric for the outer cover, not only looks n feels Amazing but also very durable n easily removable for washing

Comfort Cushion Promotes n Encourages
Healthy posture
Reduced back pain
Increased blood flow to the lower extremities
Incredible comfort

Super Comfortable Seat Cushion & it helped SO Much! (Amazon Customer Review)

Name: Faye

Description: "...It definitely helped me with my sore tailbone pain that I managed to bruise very badly. It made sitting in front of my computer for so many hours a day, very much more comfortable!..."


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